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  1. The Seller undertakes to make its best efforts so that the Products for which a Contract was executed would be delivered within the period provided in the detailed information on each Product, without prejudice to Seller’s right to send multiple Products in one shipment. At any rate, delivery shall not exceed 30 days as of the Order acceptance date.

  2. The Seller does NOT deliver orders during weekends or national holidays. All orders placed during weekends or national holidays in Romania shall be delivered on the immediately following business days. For convenience only, please consider the following list of national holidays:

    1. 1 and 2 January;

    2. first and second day of the Christian Orthodox Easter;

    3. 1 May;

    4. the first and the second day of Pentecost;

    5. the Assumption;

    6. 30 November — Saint Andrew the Apostle, Protector of Romania;

    7. 1 December;

    8. the first and the second day of Christmas.

  3. The Order is delivered by express courier, at the address specified by the Customer in the Order form. Detailed terms and conditions for Product delivery are provided under the “Secure Delivery” section of the Website.

  4. If the Customer cannot be found at the delivery address provided in the Order during the specified time, the courier will return only once, after having contacted the Customer. If the Customer cannot be found at the delivery address at the second attempt, the Order shall be cancelled and the Contract for such Products shall be considered terminated de jure, without formal notice, the Customer being in default de jure upon the first failed attempt of delivery. Without prejudice to the right to seek and obtain other compensations, the Company shall deduct the value of shipping charges from the amounts paid by the Customer.

  5. The Seller reserves the right not to deliver any other Products to the Customers placing two or more Orders which could not be successfully delivered.


  1. The Customer considered to be a Consumer is entitled to notify the Seller in writing that he withdraws from the Contract and cancels the purchase, without providing any reason in this respect, within 14 days as of receipt of the ordered Product(s). If the Products under a Contract are delivered in several packages, the 14-day term runs as of delivery of the last package.

  2. The right to cancel can be exercised by:

    1. filling in [ the Cancellation form — see appendix A ] here to and sending the filled-in form by mail to the address Bucharest, 6th Silvestru Street, sector 2, 020735, Romania or by e-mail (as scanned copy) to the address
      (a cancellation form can also be found in the package delivered to the Customer); or

    2. filling in the online form by accessing the [ link ];

    3. sending an appropriate message by mail to the address Bucharest, 6th Silvestru Street, sector 2, 020735, Romania, or by e-mail to with all the details provided in the cancellation form.

  3. To meet the cancellation deadline, it is enough for the Customer — Consumer to send the information that he exercises the right to cancel before expiry of the cancellation period.

  4. In the cases described at para. 2.2 or 2.3 above, the Seller shall confirm the Customer — Consumer in writing that it took note of Consumer’s exercise of the right to cancel.

  5. The Customer — Consumer shall return the Products within 14 days as of the date when he informed the Seller on his decision to cancel the Contract. The Products shall be returned by mail, at the address Bucharest, 6th Silvestru Street, sector 2, 020735, Romania.Return costs shall be borne by the Customer.

  6. Products must be returned as delivered, in their original packaging and with all the accessories, accompanied by all their documents found in the package delivered to the Customer. Products shall be returned along with all the required documents: filled-in form and invoice. The Product return form can be found in the delivered package. The invoice is generated by the system and sent in the package and to the e-mail address specified in the Order. The Company shall confirm the return in writing, by sending a message to the e-mail address indicated by the Customer — Consumer in the Order.

  7. Returned Products which are damaged, soiled or do not have the original garment tags will not be accepted and can be sent back to the Customer.

  8. If the right to cancel is exercised, the Contract shall be considered terminated. The Product price and all the costs charged to the Customer shall be repaid to the Customer after receipt of the returned Products. However, the Seller can deduct the additional costs with the selection by the Customer — Consumer of another delivery method than the cheapest standard delivery method offered by the Seller.

  9. If the cancellation form does not contain any other indications, the Contract costs shall be repaid as follows:

    1. by crediting the bank account from which the Customer — Consumer made the payment; or

    2. in cash, at the Seller’s office in […], if the Customer — Consumer paid the Product price in cash upon Product delivery.

  10. Repayment of Contract costs does not involve the payment of any fees by the Customer — Consumer.

  11. If the Product is returned in such condition that it can no longer be sold as new, the Seller has the right (but not the obligation) to charge a fee for restoring the Product to its initial condition (if possible) or to cover the price balance resulting from the second-hand sale of the Product or, at Customer’s discretion, we will re-deliver the Product to the Customer on the latter’s expense.

  12. The Seller recommends the Customers to insure the returned Product(s), as the Customer is under a duty to take reasonable care of the Products and will be liable for damage to them until the Products are received by the Seller. The Seller also recommends the Customers to use a secure and trackable means to return their Order and to retain proof of sending, in case of a dispute.

  13. The provisions of this section do not apply to customized Products, Products made as per Customer’s instructions or underwear items which were unsealed by the Customer Consumer.

  14. For any question on the return of ordered Products, please contact: Customer Care Department: e-mail. or mail address. Bucharest, 6th Silvestru Street, sector 2, 020735, Romania


  1. The Customer may ask the Seller to replace one or more delivered Products in the following cases:

    1. The delivered Product(s) does/do not comply with the ordered Product(s);

    2. The Product(s) has/have manufacturing defects;

    3. The Product(s) was/were damaged during shipping;

    4. the fit of the Product is not right.

  2. Exchange can be requested within 14 days as of receipt of the ordered Product(s). If the ordered Products are delivered in several packages, the 14-day term runs as of delivery of the last package.

  3. To request to exchange of one or more Products, the Customer shall send such Products to the Seller, by mail, at the address Bucharest, 6th Silvestru Street, sector 2, 020735, Romania within the 14-day term provided at para. 11.2. The package shall include the exchange form (which can be found inside the package) appropriately filled in and signed by the Customer. The package shall be shipped on the Customer’s expense. However, the Customer may request repayment of shipping charges if the exchange is caused by an error upon Product delivery or is due to defects, in accordance with para. 11.1.1 – 11.1.3. Repayment is requested by filling in the appropriate column of the exchange form; the Customer shall attach a copy of the receipt by which it paid for the package shipping. The provisions of para. 10.9 shall appropriately apply.

  4. The receipt of the Product(s) to be exchanged and the appropriately filled-in and signed exchange form shall be equal to the placement of a new Order with the Seller. All the provisions of these T&C on Order acceptance, out-of-stock products, shipping or right to cancel shall apply mutatis mutandis.

  5. The Seller shall bear the costs with the shipping of the package to the Customer if the exchange is caused by an error upon Order processing or is due to defects of the Products, in accordance with para. 11.1.1 — 11.1.3. Otherwise, the Seller may ship the package containing the new Products and the Purchaser is to pay the shipping charges upon delivery of the package.


  1. Products sold on the Website are warranted in accordance with the laws in force. The Customer — Consumer benefits of the non-compliance warranty in accordance with Law No. 449/2003 on the sale of products and related warranties.

  2. For further details on the Products, Product accessories or Product warranty period, please contact: Customer Care Department: e-mail. or mail address. Bucharest, 6th Silvestru Street, sector 2, 020735, Romania


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